Kosas celebrated the launch of their Soho Pop Up Shop in a totally transformed space behind their Mercer Street storefront that truly reflected their mission of “illuminating every look.”


The Setting transformed an abandoned artist’s loft located behind Kosas’ Mercer Street pop up storefront into an interactive space that captured Kosas’ brand identity. The location was hidden from the street and was only visible by accessing a nondescript back hallway through the rear of the Kosas store. Upon entering the venue, guests were greeted by tropical palm trees lining the walls with custom pantone colored light beams illuminated the 30’ ceilings. Hibiscus-infused mezcal drinks flowed as a nod to its birthplace of California and music flooded the space by DJ Brianna Lance. The newly-created Kosas brand video cast a warm glow throughout the space, and an interactive Bosco photo booth entertained guests on the opposite end. A large twist bar was placed as a focal point of the install featuring an interactive pour bar of cocktails with edible flowers. Guests mingled in velvet lounge areas, perused beauty pedestals adorned with Kosas product, and tried out products in front of illuminated, circular mirrors mounted on brick wall. Upon departure, attendees were gifted a limited edition Kosas drawstring bag filled with their Helios and Phoenix products.

Event ideation and production

Launch Coordination

Custom Collateral

Content Creation


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